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At a council meeting signing a memorandum of understanding with free solutions on the covenant of mayors
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Today, Kerewan Area Council hand over 300,000 cheque to Gamwork for the construction work. Handing over cheque Handing over cheque to Gamwork b7y KAC
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Handing over of a community seed store council constructed in Kerr Alhagie Malick
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Women selling at the Council’s market at Barra Town. Displaying their vegetables on the ground.
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Project sites handing Ndougu Kebbeh – sub-treasury office complex and guesthouse in Farafenni Car Park Garage in Farafenni. Both the Governor, Chaiman , Vice Chaiman, CEO and Gamwork staffs with the media and a across section of the community
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“To be an exemplary LGA on planning and development efforts in The Gambia, with the capacity to effect real changes and win the trust of the people by using power responsibly, for the benefits of all North Bank residents.”



“KAC is committed to shepherding community-driven development projects that improve the lives people in the North Bank Region, especially those of the least privileged.”




Significant improvement in awareness of the Councils roles and responsibilities is required across all communities and stakeholder groups to drive improvements and development.

Improved service delivery

Improvements in the quality of service delivery is required to provide the necessary incentives for the public to pay taxes and rates that can allow goals of the Plan to be realised in practice.

Consultation and stakeholder participation

The Local Government Act (2002) requires Councils to “adopt such processes and procedures for ensuring that the communities are involved in the conception and execution of any plans”.

Collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances

Partnership with various actors shall be pursued by Council in the implementation of this Plan

Council Activities

Farafenni Car

Farafenni car park waiting shed handing over day


Council Supported road tesito works at Njayen post

Strategy Plan

KAC strategy plan formulation process

VDC Traning

Kerr Ardo VDC training with futue in our hand



Public education and awareness-raising

Improved service delivery

Consultation and stakeholder participation

Collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances


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